If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

— Isaac Newton

Our Story


Three CEOs Founded Teamsmith with a Simple Vision

We believe employees love working at great companies and great companies require great leadership. Our vision is to make it easy for every manager to become a top-performing leader.

Drawing on our own experiences and the experiences of our over 100-member leadership guru panel, Teamsmith delivers practical insight and powerful tools to our membership so that they can become better leaders every single day.

A New Way to Learn Leadership

Traditional training takes you off the job and isn’t customized to your needs. Worst of all, you quickly forget what you learn. Teamsmith provides a learn-by-doing approach for members to become better leaders and drive better team performance in just minutes a day.

Small Steps, Big Results


World-class leaders have a system for success. We guide you to develop your own approach to great leadership that fits with your style. Teamsmith nudges you with easy, impactful activities that put proven leadership fundamentals into action.

Our interactive tools and supporting applications make it easy, but the results are incredible. You shape your habits, and then your habits ultimately shape you.

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