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We add new capabilities to Teamsmith every week. Check out our offering today and our plans for growth.

GURU INSIGHTS Learn proven ideas, tips, and methods from more than 50 CEOs and C Levels from various backgrounds. We have Gurus from Fortune 500 public companies, and also many highly respected VPs and Managers from Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Product, Finance, and more that are all ready to share decades of knowledge with you.

CURRENT 100 Top Leaders
PLANNED Sales Leaders, Engineering Leaders, Finance Leaders, Luminary Guests


LIGHTWEIGHT APPLICATIONS Less than 3%* of training is currently done on mobile, Teamsmith is designed for the on-the-go leader. We take advantage of the convenience of quick interactions by providing lightweight applications optimized for mobile that easily allow you to learn leadership, engage your team, and schedule important activities—all in a few minutes a day.

CURRENT 1:1 Communicator
PLANNED Team Directory, Performance Recognition

* Training Industry Report, 2016

INTERACTIVE TOOLS We believe in learning by doing. In 10 minutes a day our Interactive Tools guide you through the actual work you need to do. With Teamsmith, it’s easy to populate proven templates like slide decks and schedule activity plans that you can deploy with a click of a button to lead your team!

CURRENT Purpose Clarity, 90-Day Development, Goal Clarity
PLANNED 1:1 Collaboration, Strategy Planning, Employee Developer


NUDGES + ONE CLICK WINS Email, SMS, and Calendar nudges prompt quick high impact actions to keep you on track. These gentle nudges help you keep track of important activities as things get busy. Most importantly, by building productive habits of world-class leaders, you will become one!

CURRENT Email, SMS, Calendar
PLANNED Slack Messaging, Nudge Dashboard


GUIDED EXPERIENCES Leadership coaching is expensive, and new managers usually wait about 10 years* before receiving dedicated leadership training. Teamsmith’s Guided Experiences are skill set growth opportunities that allow you to select a growth area and learn on the job—at your own pace in quick interactions over several weeks. You will have your very own digital expert leadership coach.

CURRENT Unlocking Motivation, Personal Growth, Team Alignment, Team Communication
PLANNED 1:1 Meetings, Performance Recognition, Authentic Connection, Hiring to Win

*Harvard Business Review, “We Wait Too Long to Train Our Leaders”, 2012


LEADERSHIP JOURNAL As you progress through your leadership journey with Teamsmith, you will create your own Leadership Journal where you can view your previous insights, see your progress visually on your journey map, easily review and edit completed materials, and access additional Guru Insights to go deeper on the areas you choose.

CURRENT Completed Materials, Guru Insights
PLANNED Journey Map

Experience Teamsmith



Interact at your own pace at the times that work for you.
Learn by doing—on the job!

GUIDED EXPERIENCES Monday: Choose what to Learn
You select the Team Alignment Guided Experience to guide you through clarifying, organizing, and prioritizing you and your team’s workload.

SMS MESSAGES Tuesday: Queued up Activities
You receive an SMS with a 2-minute video on goal setting and then schedule a time to take our Goal Clarity Interactive Tool with a single click on your phone.

CALENDAR REMINDERS Thursday: Nudges to Stay on Track
In minutes the Interactive Tool guides you through a few questions, and then Teamsmith automatically populates a slide presentation template for sharing goals with your team.

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