An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin

Corporate Reimbursement


Many Teamsmith members receive reimbursement for their membership from their employer.

Three Primary Reasons


Professional development experiences like Teamsmith improve team performance, and that leads to better company results.

IMPROVE TOP PERFORMER RETENTION Top managers value training and support from their boss, and that leads to job satisfaction and retention. Source: Harvard Business Review

IMPROVE HIRING COMPETITIVENESS Offering training and professional development is an important benefit for prospective top talent, and it’s often a tax-deductible expense for your employer.

Average Training Expenditure

(per Learner in 2016)

Below is a simple message you can send to your boss.

Can I expense a leadership development training course this year? I’ve been researching some different ways I could improve my leadership style and deliver even better results with my team. I found out about Teamsmith through a friend. I did some homework and think it could be compelling. The total cost is about $50/month or $420/year up front. I can cancel any time. You can read more on their site at or check out this short document that covers their offering. Let me know if it’s ok to expense this or if you would like to discuss? Thank you!

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